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The IHSS Public Authority Registry

The IHSS Public Authority Registry service is composed of a staff of Registry Coordinators whose role is to assist the IHSS consumer in finding a provider. Registry Coordinators are skilled and experienced in matching the consumer to a provider that serves their service needs. A comprehensive computerized program is used to maintain a list of available screened providers. This is maintained by the Registry, which constantly recruits and screens providers so that a sufficient number of providers are available to work for consumers. The Registry Coordinators also assists the consumer in understanding the role of being an employer of a provider: This involves helping the consumer understand the process of selecting, hiring, employing, supervising, and if necessary, firing of a provider.

Once qualified for IHSS and hours are assessed and approved, it is the responsibility of the consumer to locate and hire a provider (home care worker). Yet the location and hiring of a provider can be a difficult process. This is where the IHSS Public Authority Registry can step in and help. The consumer is the employer and has the sole responsibility of an employer, but the IHSS Public Authority Registry is there to help in every phase of this process of employing and utilizing a provider.

Consumer Intake to the Registry

The Registry can be accessed by the consumer in three basic ways. First, the consumer can be referred to the Registry by their IHSS social worker, social service agency, or medical professional. Second, a family member or interested party can refer the consumer to the Registry. Third, the consumer can refer himself/herself to the Registry. To make referrals, call (707) 565-5700 and request a consumer intake.

Once the consumer is referred to the Registry, a Registry Coordinator will assess the consumer service needs. This involves both assessing the IHSS approved service hours on record and interviewing the consumer for their critical needs. Utilizing the computerized listing, a Registry Coordinator will help the consumer to identify available providers that best fit their service needs. A written list of eligible providers will be sent to the consumer. As the employer, it is the sole responsibility of the consumer to select their providers and set up interviews with applicants.

The Registry Coordinator is available for follow-up service to the consumer. These services include:

  • Helping the consumer understand the role of being an employer and its responsibilities
  • How to interview and hire providers
  • Developing provider schedules
  • Understanding time sheets and payroll
  • Developing a system for keeping track of provider’s hours
  • Helping to maintain a good relationship with your provider
  • Conducting a home visit
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Provider Intake to the Registry

Provider Application:

Link: Registry Provider Application form

The Registry recruits new qualified providers. Providers can expand their opportunities for finding work by being listed on the Registry. If you are a provider and are interested in being placed on the Registry, please call (707) 565-5700 and request a provider application.

Upon completion and the return of the application to the Public Authority, the provider applicant is scheduled for orientation and interview with a Registry Coordinator. During the orientation the provider will be introduced to the Public Authority, IHSS program, Registry policies and procedures, available medical and dental benefits, and union information. The interview is an opportunity for the Registry staff to acquaint themselves with the provider. It is also an opportunity for the provider to share their work history, skills, training, and personal qualities that would make them a good home care provider.

After completion of the orientation and interview, the Registry will screen the applicant. This is described in the next section.

Provider Screening

The safety and security of IHSS consumers is of the highest priority of the IHSS Public Authority. To take reasonable measures to protect consumers from harm, the Registry has taken steps to prescreen potential providers before placing into the computerized listing. Home care providers on this listing have been screened for:

  • A valid Social Security card
  • A CA photo I.D.
  • One positive personal reference and two positive work references
For those providers who are making their vehicles available for transportation on the job, additional screening includes:
  • Possession of a valid CA driver’s license
  • Automobile insurance
  • An examination of DMV records

All applicants are required to disclose any history of criminal convictions on their Registry application. In addition, all applicants are screened through a State Department of Justice fingerprint check.

When an applicant passes the screening process, he/she will be accepted onto the Registry. He/she will receive a letter of acceptance. The provider will then be made available for job opportunities from the Registry through matching with available and appropriate consumers.

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